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Frequently Asked Questions

At Double K Consulting we believe that the relationship with our clients should be as transparent as possible. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions as well as general guidance about our services. As always, please fell free to e-mail us with any additional questions or comments that you may have. Our initial consultation is free of charge.

  • Q. Why should I use an outsourced CFO, Controller or senior level accounting professional?

    A. There are many good reasons to outsource your accounting services to a CFO, Controller or senior accounting professional. The main reason is to save the high expenses involved in hiring a full time in-house team or CFO, especially when you don't really need them. Another important reason is the fact that an outsourced senior CFO will provide you with highly specialized, accurate and relaible services that you can't get from an in-house CFO. Click here to visit our outsourcing advantages page for more information.

  • Q. How can we use your services for our organization?

    A. Double K Consulting offers two types of engagements, both of them tailored to your organization.

    Retainer Based: If you need monthly oversight in the form of an outsourced CFO, Controller or senior level accounting professional, then this type of service is what your organization needs. A scope of work and responsibilities will be developed, along with monthly deliverables, improvement initiatives and annual goals. This is a long term relationship engagement, similar to one that you may have with an outside counsel. These engagements are billed monthly at a flat, all-inclusive rate.

    Project Based – Project or task specific engagement. For example, planning a budget, process improvement, internal control assessment and implementation, audit assistance, etc. We will collaborate with your employees after a set statement of work is agreed upon. A project plan will be developed and updated throughout the process, with specific deliverables and updates provided at specific intervals. These engagements are billed hourly or for one flat fee.

  • Q. Will you work at our office or offsite?

    A. We work virtually, utilizing the latest advanced platforms - QuickBooks Online, Xero, DropBox, Google Docs, Skype and more. We communicate with our clients through Skype or similar channels and share screens as needed. Although it's a remote service, you will feel as if we are down the hall. We will be available before, during and after business hours, including weekends.

  • Q. Do you charge for the initial consultation? What happens at that meeting?

    A. We do not charge for the initial consultation related with the potential engagement. The initial consultation is used to understand your needs and expectations, to explain what Double K can do for your organization and to define the scope of work to be performed, including our responsibilities. We never engage in any project if we feel that we can't be of help or fulfill our potential client's requests or needs.

  • Q. To what extent will I have control on my books and records?

    A. When working with Double K Consulting you will keep full control on your books and records. In fact you'll gain increased control, because of the improved data accuracy. The information and reports that will be used to make financial and business decisions will be much more meaningful, turning your books and reports into a true, highly effective management tool.

  • Q. What agreements do I have to sign in order to start working with Double K?

    A. Once the scope of work and rate are agreed upon, your organization and Double K Consulting will sign a consulting agreement. For retainer-based engagements, this is a one-year agreement that you can cancel with a thirty days notice. For project-based engagements, the agreement will cover the anticipated timeline and deliverables. In addition, we will sign a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement so that all the information related with your organization remains strictly confidential and protected.

  • Q. Who will be working on my engagement?

    A. The CEO at Double K Consulting is Kevin Kennedy and he oversees all engagements. For most engagements, Kevin Kennedy will be the lead and sole consultant working on your engagement. For special projects, Double K Consulting may bring in additional consultants. In either case, your organization will be asked to approve all personnel assigned to your engagement beforehand.

  • Q. What makes you different from any other CFO agency?

    A. Double K Consulting prides itself for its fast growth, extensive base of satisfied clients and strong market reputation. Our company stands out from the competition by offering highly professional and flexible services, provided by a skilled and devoted team of experts. We build and maintain strong personal and professional relationships with the organizations we consult, working around the schedules of in-house teams without disrupting their routine tasks or working processes. We assign a special consultant for each client, offering the highest attention to each client's needs. These are just part of the many professional advantages that position us ahead of the competition.

  • Q. If we hire Double K Consulting, what do we have to commit to?

    A. Besides the signed agreements between Double K Consulting and your organization, there are a few additional commitments you'll have to agree to. These commitments are essential in order to maintain a smooth and coordinated working process that will benefir your organization and help us provide the best possible services:

    • Access to needed personnel – We work around schedules as needed.
    • Access to computer systems – We will need access to your accounting system and potentially other systems on your network but with proper controls in place.
    • A place to work at your location – All we need is an empty desk, table or cubicle.
  • Q. What do you charge for your services?

    A. Unlike other CFO agencies that prefer to hide their charges, Double K Consulting believes that publishing its rates is important and the professional thing to do. Our company believes in transparency, always striving to build trust and confidence. In general, our monthly agreements range from $500 to $3,000 or more per month. Before providing a prompt price, we assess the anticipated commitment for a twelve months period, to make sure that there will be no additional charges along the way. Our services are reasonable priced with a low hourly rate.

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