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Cut your expenses and increase your efficiency with secured outsourced virtual services. It's affordable, smart and convenient.

Smart Prioritization of Management Tasks

In our highly competitive market, you need to capitalize on your limited resources to boost performance, maximize customer satisfaction, expand market reach and capture opportunities. To do that you must focus on your core field of action, contracting professionals to handle your routine financial tasks.

Rather than hiring expensive full-time in-house employees who need to be trained and supervised, you can now outsource your back office workload to a specialized virtual accounting firm. A company like Double-K!

virtual CFO
virtual CFO

Convert Wasted Time Into Quality Time

Working with a virtual accounting firm like Double K as your part-time CFO, Controller or Accountant generates many benefits. Our senior team of financial experts will provide insightful strategic tools, an in-depth view into your company's financial health, accurate information and timely reports in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

Each engagement is scalable and customized to fit the needs of your organization, making your investment effective and affordable. You will gain extra quality time that you can utilize to grow your business.

Double K Virtual CFO Services

CFO/Controller Outsourcing

Outsourced part-time CFO or Controller services for small to medium-sized organizations. Senior level financial expertise that will grow your organization and improve your financial operations. Smart, efficient and cost effective. Preparation of monthly financial statements, monthly account reconciliations and monthly schedules. Includes customized guiding and consultation.

Financial Reporting & Analysis

Monthly and annual financial statements that are not accrual and GAAP based, not produced on time and with limited insight, analysis or correlation to the organization's operational activities will cause severe damage. Double K works closely with its clients to implement the required processes, procedures and oversight that produce accurate and timely GAAP based monthly financial statements. We provide everything on time together with the required analysis and segment reporting to accompany statements, ensuring that operational decisions are based on strong financial insight.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Preparing an annual budget is a time consuming process that may satisfy board requirements, but doesn't provide the management with the necessary guidance or comparative analytics. Program, product or service budgets do not support overall budgets, nor are schedules such as employee related expenses, overheads, marketing, etc. Double K will make your annual budget a highly useful tool, supported by anticipated business and historical facts against which actual results are measured throughout the year. We also design and develop effective forecasting tools to anticipate budget variances in case of changes and fluctuations.

Cash Flow Analysis and Reporting

Cash flow management and forecasting are critical tasks that require special attention. Forecasted inflows via contributions, donations and/or dues, cash outflows or operational costs are all critical components of any organization. Improving collections, identifying areas of negative cash flow and working to forecast long term and short term cash requirements, are just a few of our cash flow services. After identifying cash requirements and optimizing cash inflows, we will devise, approve and implement a proper investment strategy.

Business Process Improvement

To succeed in our tight economy, organizations must constantly improve their performance, operations and competitive abilities. Back office accounting processes must increase operational efficiency and business processes coordination to create a seamless, effective and efficient business model. Double K will work closely with your accounting and operational staff to identify flaws and weaknesses, while optimizing the utilization of your accounting system. The result will be a cohesive business workflow model that utilizes the full functionality of your accounting system, databases and other business applications.

Internal Controls

The internal controls for many smaller to medium-sized organizations are lacking due to staffing constraints or policies and procedures that have not been properly implemented. Double K will work with your staff to implement procedures that prevent any potentially fraudulent activities. We will ensure that the implemented controls are cost effective and document them as part of a comprehensive accounting manual that we will draft specifically for your organization. In the event of any staff turnover or additions, the procedures for internal controls and the accounting cycle as a whole will all be well documented and board approved.

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Our uncompromising focus on perfectionism, accuracy and work ethics, together with our responsive support, are the reasons why Double K Consulting is the CFO company of choice for small to mid sized businesses that want to grow and develop faster. Join us now!

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Working with Double K Consulting will give you access to a fully functioning accounting service with the capabilities of a full-time staff, without the price tag of in-house employees. As an integrated package of services based on secure and advanced technology, Double K will increase your profits without increasing expenses.

Whatever your specific accounting needs, an in-house full time accountant cannot offer the senior level financial expertise and the savings of a fractional CFO.

Over the past years we have earned the loyalty of many clients who have relied on us to deliver higher performance faster, more efficiently and at lower costs. Join us now! Our team is ready to take the challenge and deliver the best possible results.

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